Best Execution Monitoring is an innovative web-based solution for generating reports with unique accuracy on the opening and closing of each trade and the precision of milliseconds.

Accessible from any device while using encrypted communications, Best Execution Monitoring is the ideal solution for any FX Broker to gain full and accurate view on trades' execution, while comparing their prices against those of an independent price source.



Unique Functionality

Use of data that are otherwise next to impossible to collect

Regulatory Compliant

Keep up with regulators' standards (e.g. CySec) for best execution

Price Comparison

Compare prices offered to clients against an independent source

Multiple Servers

Capable of monitoring and generating reports for multiple MT4 White Labels

Advanced Analyses

In-depth execution analysis on both the opening and closing of each trade

Execution Optimization

Each report provides unique insights for optimizing execution areas


Lighting Fast

Instant analyses at the click of a button for a specific White Label or a combination of them

Execution Latency

Summary and analyses between requested and executed time

Price Slippage

Summary and analyses between requested and executed prices compared to market prices

Trade Rejection

Reports and analyses on confirmed trades compared to ones rejected or requoted

Web Based

Accessible from any device and any time over encrypted connections

Software Support

Competitive fixed fee that includes support and updates

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