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We team up with Startup Brokers in order to setup their services and with existing Brokers for any Trading Platforms and Software Development related areas.
At radius fintech we recognise the importance to safeguard your Company from reaching a costly stalemate and with our team you can rest assure that our years of experience will guide you away from risks and allow you to be in control.


At radius fintech we acknowledge your need to differentiate from your competitors and at the same time increase your productivity.
Our software solutions focus on trading platforms as well as web and mobile applications that can help you achieve your goals.


When it comes to reports, they can be immensely time consuming and will keep growing in complexity while your Company grows too.
Our reporting system relies on complex algorithms developed to meet current reporting needs, both for internal and official use, including regulatory compliant reports.

for trading platforms & software development

take control of your operations

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Our team consists of highly skilled professionals in the areas of Trading Platforms & Software Development and acquires in-depth knowledge of the Forex Industry.

We team up with existing Brokers as well as Start-up Brokers (implementing their initial setup, including areas that are necessary during the period for license approval from CySec). Our services include Consultation for Trading Platforms (e.g. Auditing & Administration), Regulatory Compliant Reports, Consultation on Web & Software Development and Project Implementation.



Whether it's a short project or a long-term agreement, we will allocate the necessary resources and run regular analysis of your Company, taking into considerations all weaknesses and strengths.

The analysis will include detailed steps and procedures, focusing on eliminating identified issues and allowing your company to reach agreed goals and increase productivity.



Working alongside your team, we will implement the discussed solution and agreement.

Based on the acquired service and level of severity, ongoing supervision and support will be allocated accordingly.

With radius fintech, technology is done right.



"you have to learn the rules of the game & then you have to play better than anyone else"

trading platforms


Our solutions around the trading platforms will help you simplify significantly your departments’ procedures, automate time-consuming tasks and allow you to offer new services to your clients.

web & mobile

perfectly designed

Services and applications are developed that will enhance your clients' experience.
By using latest technologies and designs, you can be in the position to offer your clients unique solutions.

  • Platform Client Mover
  • Safely move your clients and their activity to another platform.
  • Cut down on costly servers & licenses
  • Move clients' history
  • Move clients' open trades
  • Organise services
  • Minimize affect to clients
  • Fully automated
  • Platform Archive Updater
  • Directly edit your archived clients without the need of restoring them.
  • Avoid increasing load on server
  • Withdraw archived balances
  • Edit/Correct archived data
  • Produce various reports
  • Set clients to inactive (zero balance)
  • Sync/Update data on your database
  • Platform Auditor
  • Optimize your platform and comply with your auditors' requirements.
  • Increase your platform's performance
  • Identify data corruptions
  • Detect and correct misconfigurations
  • General platform optimization
  • Safeguard platform's growth
  • Protection from future issues

We are constantly working on new ideas. If you can't find what you are looking for on our website, we would like to hear about your needs and advise you with a solution.

Important Note: Our solutions are adjusted to acomondate our clients' needs. For services that affect data and/or configuration, reports are provided showing the status before and after the changes are applied.


"before anything else, preparation is the key to success"

data analysis


Our reporting system relies on algorithms developed by our team and designed on the unique requirements of the forex industry (volume, profit, exposure, in-depth analysis and much more).

data size


Using latest technology, we are in the position to analyse high volumes of data and provide reports with minimum delay.


regulatory reports

Save employee hours while we produce your regulatory compliant reports. Our system is updated regularly to meet current requirements.


for any department

Regardless the department, reports can increase your Company's interdepartmental productivity.

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Radius FinTech
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At radius fintech we recognise the importance of technology running seamlessly alongside the business model of a Forex Company.
At radius fintech, technology is done right.

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