OnDemand Archiver plugin is the answer to the MT4's limitation on how many accounts and history can be active at any time by controlling which can be archived at any given Sunday without the need to wait for inactivity rules.

With the MT4's stability and availability being at high risk once these limitations are reached, OnDemand Archiver is the plugin that will bring an MT4's load back to safe levels and steer it away from future costly stalemates.



Platform Protection

Protects the MT4s' valuable resources by archiving not needed accounts

Easy Control

The plugin's design allows to select any amount of accounts for archiving

Platform Optimization

Frees up groups and symbols allowing to delete obsolete ones

Fully Customizable

Archiving of targeted activity such as expired contests and promotions

Full Control

Can archive accounts regardless if they are still being accessed by client terminals

Integrated Safeties

The plugin has safeties in place to protect from archiving active accounts


Platform Compatibility

Accounts and history are archived in the same files as used by MT4

User Experience

User friendly way for selecting from just one account to thousands of them

Simplifying Procedures

All settings in one location instead of complex setups that are difficult to keep track

Software Support

Competitive fixed fee that includes support and updates

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